Path Less Traveled (Papa's Tribute)

Firedance - 2013 Concert at Springville Museum of Art


Doorways - 2013 Concert at Springville Museum of Art

       Watch 2010 Concert Performance of Doorways

Freedom's Run

Hunter performed this award winning original composition at the Art City Talent Festival in Springville, Utah. The song won 1st place in region and 2nd place in state in the Utah charter schools' Inspiration's Contest. Hunter dedicated this performance to his grandfather who passed away the week of this performance. Due to audience response at the talent festival, Hunter he played Jon Schmidt's "The Dumb Song" for an encore. Both numbers are included in this video below.

Papa's Tribute

Written for John C. Kammerman, Hunter's grandfather, who passed away on May 29, 2011. All his grandchildren knew and referred to him endearingly as "Papa." He loved to listen to Hunter play the piano, even during the last part of his life at the hospital, and Hunter was privileged to be able to play for his grandfather several times there before he passed away.


For Emily

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